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Titran fyr

Transperancy act

The Transparency Act is the cornerstone of Berge Rederi's commitment to open and honest communication. We believe in the power of transparency to build trust and foster stronger relationships with our clients, employees, and partners.


This Act is a testament to our dedication to ethical practices, providing a clear view of our operations, decision-making processes, and corporate responsibilities. Here, you'll find detailed information on our policies, initiatives, and the measures we take to ensure accountability at every level of our organization.

Due diligence

Berge Rederi has diligently assessed potential negative impacts on human rights and decent working conditions associated with our production and delivery processes. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of new suppliers to ensure alignment with our company's standards. Additionally, we conduct thorough background checks where necessary.


Berge Rederi is dedicated to operating in compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). Every vessel in our fleet holds the necessary certifications as mandated by law. The MLC encompasses various regulations, including those concerning working hours, human rights, social rights, and the payment of wages, ensuring our commitment to the highest standards of maritime labor practices.

Berge Rederi firmly stand against:

Child labor
Exploitative working conditions
Bullying and harrasment
Human trafficking
Slave labor and torture

Should the company identify any adverse impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions among our stakeholders, we are committed to promptly addressing these issues and implementing corrective actions.


This commitment is an ongoing process, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement in safeguarding the rights and well-being of all affected parties.

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